An Awesome Mountain

Here's a picture of a mountain and some clouds, with the sunset in the distance.

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Cloud City

Its like clouds are the citizens and its a bustling metropolis, man..

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Another Picture

Totally just another picture that some guy took.

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Heavy Machinery Operations

Heavy machinery is an essential part of any modern construction project, and along with the heavy machinery is there skilled operator and the skills support crews working with the operator. It is important to learn how to become a crane operator.

On a modern high rise building site the most visible heavy machinery is the tall crane towering over the site  and over the surrounding City. The casual Observer wonders about the mentality call someone who is prepared to climb the very skinny Tower every morning and sit there even in recently high winds concentrating on moving heavy machinery and equipment and materials around the building site.

Crane operators are a special breed, as they need a high degree of skill and coordination to operate the crane safely and efficiently, a degree of fitness in order to climb up and down the tower everyday, and a strong nerve in order to operate themselves safely at height.

The work is highly technical, and requires a good Communications system between the ground  crews and the operator. The operator needs to know the  weight of each load so that they can safely judge how far out on the crane the load can be moved. The cranes are very carefully counterbalanced and have Smart Systems in place to measure the loading and indicate when a problem is likely to arise, but it still needs a skilled and experienced operator to interpret the systems and operate the machinery.

One particular danger for the contractors and builders on the  site is that heavy loads are being moved around above their heads. A skilled builder or labourer is required to make sure there is load is very firmly attached to the crane, but mistakes do occasionally happen and every builder on the site needs to be aware of what the crane is doing at all times.

One particularly high tech  operation that all crane companies need to carry out is the erecting of the crane and the  steady  raising of the crane over the life of The Project as the high rise building precedes skywards. This work involves the crane lifting its own frame, and while it looks complex and dangerous all  crane companies have mastered this operation and it’s always carried out safely. At the end of the project the crane must dismantle itself and Lara itself to the ground, and this is also a high skilled and technical operation that needs to be worked through via a series of set steps.

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Climate Change and the Fossil Fuel Industry

The fossil fuel industry – and the world population that has nearly entirely dependent on this industry – is wholly responsible for the climate change that is massively threatening our planet. This sheer wealth that is generated for the owners and investors in the fossil fuel sector is addictive and corrupting, and is the reason why the industry has made no attempt to clean up the emissions to protect the planet from global warming. The owners and investors see short term gain as preferable to the long-term benefit to their grandchildren if global warming where to be halted or even reversed.

The problem is really one of tragedy of The Commons, is no one company or individual can be held responsible for the current problem, and if any one company was to attempt to change their ways on any sort of scale then the costs of that would be an economic and would make them uncompetitive then what is a vicious market. There is simply no incentive that is strong enough to force a change in any of these Industries. Initiatives such as the Paris climate Accord a start, but the vested interests who own the fossil fuel companies will make certain that any changes take as long as possible, so that they can extract as much value as possible in the meantime.

The reality is that no matter how good the intent is of the politicians and scientists, the fossil fuel industry has too much power and too much at stake to make any significant change happened in the near term.

Fortunately redevelopment of electric vehicles and transport as a service coupled with development of solar and wind power and massive battery storage means that the fossil fuel industry will have no choice in the matter. Whether they like it or not their industry is going to be massively disrupted over the next 45 years as the world wakes up to the fact that the fossil fuel industry is going to die. Even the smallest drop in demand for oil will have a massive impact on the price, given that the oil exporting countries depend so heavily I’m selling as much oil as possible. The world market will be flooded with surplus oil, and the resulting price will make extracting oil completely an economic for all but a small handful of Middle East countries.

The transition away from fossil fuels to transport as a service using electric vehicles will take place over a very short time frame, and the pace of this transaction will be dictated largely by how fast the autonomous electric vehicle fleet can be manufactured. The problem for the existing manufacturers of the internal combustion plate is that they have to turn on a dime and change to electric vehicle manufacturing, and only one or two manufacturers will survive this transition.

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